Youth Arts Against Violence, by Rapport Youth & Family Services

Rapport Youth & Family Services – Youth Arts Against Violence program

Organization:Rapport Youth & Family Services

Title: Youth Arts Against Violence

Year created: ongoing

Location: Peel, Canada

Materials: Various artistic media

What is the piece’s impact? 20 youth ongoing leadership training activities annually and at least 250 youth will participate in the project’s activities, which are related to the promotion of non-violence using the arts. The youth leaders engage at least 1,000 peers in non-violence awareness activities every year.

How does this project relate to this change as art? In conjunction with a series of workshops on violence and empowerment, artists from within the community provide workshops and training sessions for youth in various techniques related to a number of artistic mediums. Every year, the Youth Arts Festival showcases youth audio, visual, and performance art created through the project’s activities.

What makes this an artistic project? Art is the medium of expression used, the program “provides an opportunity for young people to use the unique and intrinsic qualities of artistic expression as a way to constructively deal with issues of violence in their lives and in the community.” (source)


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Violence ongoing Violence in the lives of youth It receives outside funding (United Way, Trillium Foundation etc.) Art creation is part of the project.

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