Wheatfield: A Confrontation, by Agnes Denes

Wheatfield by Agnes Denes

Source: http://www.agnesdenesstudio.com/WORKS7.html

Artist: Agnes Denes

Title: Wheatfield: A Confrontation

Year created: 1982

Location: New York City, USA

Materials: A wheat field, and the cycle of plantation and harvest.

What is the piece’s impact? The project transformed an brownfield site into a wheat field for one agricultural cycle, yielding 1,000 lbs. of wheat in the middle of New York City – suggesting that “used land” can be made fertile once more. 

How does this project relate to this change as art? The project change the landscape of lower Manhattan. and it intended to comment on “human values and misplaced priorities”. This grain traveled to 28 cities worldwide in “The International Art Show for the End of World Hunger” and was symbolically planted around the globe.

“Wheatfield was an intrusion into the citadel, a confrontation of High Civilization. But then again, it was also Shangri-La, a small paradise, one’s childhood.”

What makes this an artistic project? The concept was developed and managed by an artist.

Notes: For more information, please see http://www.agnesdenesstudio.com/WORKS7.html

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