Wetland, by Mary Mattingly & Collaborators


Source: http://www.wet-land.org/images.html


Artist: Mary Mattingly & Collaborators

Title: Wetland

Year created: 2014

Location: Philadelphia’s Penn’s Landing, USA

Materials: various building materials

What is the piece’s impact? Led to the creation of a different kind of model home of the future. At the time of writing, over 20 thousand people have visited Wetland, and inspired people to think about integrating nature into the urban fabric, and to consider a potential response to global warming.

How does this project relate to this change as art? This is a new public space, created to experiment with building and in creating dialogue around topics related to social and environmental sustainability. “WetLand is a mobile, sculptural habitat and public space constructed to explore resource interdependency and climate change in urban centers. A floating sculpture, it resembles a partially submerged building, integrating nature with urban space.” (source)

What makes this an artistic project? WetLand is a project by artist Mary Mattingly, commissioned by the FringeArts project.

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