Tree Mountain, by Agnes Denes

Original design, drawn in 1982

winter view of the actual mountain/forest, 2001

Artist: Agnes Denes

Title: Tree Mountain – A living Timecapsule – 11,000 trees, 11,000 people, 400 years 

Year created: announced in 1992, opened 1996

Location: Ylöjärvi, Finland

Materials: trees, man made mountain near gravels pits

What is the piece’s impact? This project led to the creation of a site of protected land, which must be maintained for four centuries, eventually leading to the rebirth of an untouched forest in the area.

How does this project relate to this change as art? The project transformed the site, but also invited people to participate in the planting of the trees, allowing them to become custodians of the tree.

What makes this an artistic project? The concept was developed and managed by an artist. The plan for the planting of the trees follows a fairly complex patten related to the golden ratio.

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