The Table of Free Voices, by Dropping Knowledge

Artist: Dropping Knowledge, film by Mindpirates

Title:  The Table of Free Voices, part of the Dropping Knowledge project.

Year created: 2006

Location: Berlin

Materials: A physical gathering of great minds and questions. Documentary film.

What is the piece’s impact? This piece brought together over 100 individuals from over 50 nations to answer 100 questions, chosen from thousands sent in online by a global community of questioners at the dropping knowledge website. They have made a film about it, including 17 of the questions asked at the event. The trailer is above, you may view the entire film online here.

How does this project relate to this change as art? This piece did not simply gather questions, but sought to answer them in “a vivid celebration of the symbolic power of cultural diversity and creative free expression” (source)

What makes this an artistic project? The event was part political act, part performance piece, and resulted in a visually imaginative cinematic interpretation of “the world’s largest round table gathering,” the film Problema.   it was founded by filmmaker Ralf Schmerberg, artist and designer Cindy Gantz and philanthropist-activist Jackie Northway-Wallace

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