The Creative Learning Workshop

Artists: Lou Rizzolo and Nobel Schuler

Title: The Creative Learning Workshop  

Year created: 2002

Location: Western Michigan University, USA

Materials: drawing, inflatable drawing surface,

What is the piece’s impact? This was a program geared towards children, whereby  participants develop “Self-Scapes,” by drawing on a flat surface their feelings and notions of self. These self-scapes are shared with other participants, and participants are invited to make connections between their personal Self-Scape and the Self-Scapes of other participants, which makes a visible network of connections/community. This flat surface is then inflated and creates a giant tunnel that participants can walk through – the Community Scape.

How does this project relate to this change as art? The project looked to build connections between young people as a way to demonstrate interdependence and to discourage violence.

What makes this an artistic project? It appears to have been a research project. It was meant to be part of the “World Peace Art Project,”drawing as a form of expression is a key element of the project.

Notes: you may wish to read the article “Art for Peace,” which outlines this project in more detail.

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