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Rhinewater Purification Plant, by Hans Haacke


Artist: Hans Haacke Title: Rhinewater Purification Plant Year created: 1972 Location: Museum Haus Lange in Krefeld, Germany Materials: Contaminated water, purification system, goldfish. What is the piece’s impact? Within the museum, the piece purified water that would have otherwise be sent into the…

7000 Oaks, by Joseph Beuys


Artist: Joseph Beuys Title:  7000 Eichen – Stadtverwaldung statt Stadtverwaltung (7000 Oaks – City Forestation Instead of City Administration) Year created: 1982-1987 Location: Kassel, Germany Materials: Trees, basalt stone What is the piece’s impact? This project led to the planting of seven thousand trees in Kassel.…