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myforestfarm and mycarboncredits, by Dirk Fleischmann


Artist: Conceptualized by Dirk Fleischmann. Developed in collaboration with Thomas Daquioag, Renato Habulan and Rodolfo Ferrer Title:  myforestfarm and mycarboncredits Year created: 2008 – ongoing Location: Antipolo City, (Rizal Province, Philippines) Materials: Trees, digital photography What is the piece’s impact? Ultimately, this project is a reforestation…

Rane-Char, by Dr. Daro Montag


Artist: Dr. Daro Montag Title: Rane-Char  Year created: 2009 Location: Falmouth, Cornwall, UK Materials: Carcoal What is the piece’s impact? The piece involves the creation and distribution of “Bio-char,” which is a “fine grained, highly porous charcoal that helps soils retain…