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DOCSE I-Spy Contest


The David O’Brien Centre for Sustainable Enterprise (DOCSE) is happy to announce the i-Spy contest taking place from Monday (April 7) to Friday (April 11) on DOCSE’s Facebook page. Over the course of a week, we will pose one question per day on Lori…

Be Moved by Art: The JMSB North Stairwell Gallery


Organization: David O’Brien Centre for Sustainable Enterprise  Title: Be Moved by Art (North Stairwell) Year: 2014 Materials: Stairwell, photo-based art. What is the piece’s impact? The piece transforms the stairwell of a large Canadian business school into an ambulatory sustainability-focused art…

15 Below jacket, Lida Baday and TAXI


Designers: Lida Baday and TAXI Title:  15 Below Project Year created: 2007 Location: Canada Materials: What is the piece’s impact? This project led to the creation of a jacket to be distributed tot he homeless. The jacket waterproof and breathable and comes…