Spoil’s Pile, by Helen Mayer and Newton Harrison


After 3,000 truckloads that covered half the site the Art Park Director stopped the project. Source: http://theharrisonstudio.net

 Artist: Helen Mayer and Newton Harrison

Title:  Spoil’s Pile 

Year created: 1977-1979

Location: Art Park, New York

Materials: diverted construction waste, seeds

What is the piece’s impact? it led to the creation of a 3000 pile earthwork, which gradually became a 20 acre flowering meadow. 

How does this project relate to this change as art?

The Harrisions used what would have been waste organic material to reclaim a site and to return it to a “natural” site with diverse habitats. It’s an artistic intervention that changed an existing landscape.


Becoming more stable and diverse over the years.
Source: http://theharrisonstudio.net

What makes this an artistic project?

This project was conceived and managed by “leading pioneers of the eco-art movement” (source). Moreover, the work was commissioned by the Art Park Foundation. All truckloads were given a tax deduction for donation of art material. As Art Park was closer than the original dump sites, it was cheaper to dump at Art Park.

Notes: For more information visit: http://theharrisonstudio.net/?page_id=131

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