SOUCCS, by Valerie d. Walker and Bobbi L. Kozinuk

Artist: Valerie d. Walker and Bobbi L. Kozinuk

Title: Solar USB Charging and Culture Station (souccs)

Year created: 2014

Location: Montreal, Canada

Materials: solar USB charge stations, recording equipment. 

What is the piece’s impact? Engages passers-by in the concept of energy and exchange. Referencing the first law of thermodynamics, the artists propose to demonstrate that energy cannot be created without some cost to its production by allowing this energy to be available in exchange for a story.

How does this project relate to “change as art”? It allows participants an opportunity to interact with a system of alternative energy, while also learning about the value of both energy and their stories.

What makes this an artistic project? It’s a project initiated by two artists and appears to have been supported by a number of creative organizations, such as Emily Carr University of Art and Design and studio XX



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