Seed Bombing the Landscape, by Kathryn Miller

Artist: Kathryn Miller

Title: Seed Bombing the Landscape

Year created: 1992-2001

Location: Santa Barbara, California

Materials: clay, compost and local seeds.

Sprouting seed bombs

What is the piece’s impact? This project led to the growth of many seedlings. During exhibitions, seed bombs were made available for others to take so they can help the artist with the project. Presumably, if anything grows it can sustain itself, given that native plants are chosen for any given area. Moreover, these kinds of project help to popularize seed bombing and guerrilla gardeningMany people share seed bomb recipes on line, so they can make their own.

How does this project relate to this change as art? The idea is to re-vegetate abandoned lots and to demonstrate that people can contribute in a small way to the beautification of some ugly places.

Seed bombs given away at exhibitions

Seed bombs given away at exhibitions

“Throwing a seed bomb is a small-scale non-sanctioned act that helps connect people to their landscape. It only makes a tiny dent in out over-developed, over watered non-native plant environs in Southern California. But foe some people (like it was for me) it may be the first step in coming to terms with a new way of seeing and understanding our native landscapes and knowing that we can take things into our our hands.” (source)

What makes this an artistic project? The concept was developed and managed by an environmental artist. In addition to being tossed into abandoned lots, this piece was exhibited as an art project.

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