Put the fun between your legs, by The Laboratory for Insurrectionary Imagination

Double Double Troubles Bike – dubbed a “war bike” by police.
Source: http://www.labofii.net/experiments/funbetweenyourlegs/gallery/index.html

Artist: The Laboratory for Insurrectionary Imagination

Title: Put the fun between your legs: become the bike bloc

Year created: 2009

Location: Copenhagen

Materials: Old bike parts, facilitation, permaculture.


What is the piece’s impact? an art gallery was turned into a bike repair space, were skill shares were held, as well as open workshops using permaculture took place to co-design the machines of resistance for the UN Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen in December 2009. Three prototype bikes were launched from a welding container, from which a team of activists to make their way to Copenhagen, as part of the protest. “The Bike Bloc took to the streets on the 16th of December for the day of action. Over two hundred bikes in a multitude of swarms supported the thousands taking acts of civil disobedience on foot. Mobile bike barricades protected activists trying to breach the UN security perimeter, swarms played cat and mouse drawing police away from the action (a decoy that seemed to involve ratios of 12 cops and one van for each cyclist) and the sound swarm took over a motorway.”

How does this project relate to this change as art? This project “was an experiment that put artists, engineers, activists and bike hackers together to design and build new tools of civil disobedience out of Copenhagen’s thousands of discarded bikes for the RECLAIM POWER day of mass action.” (source)

What makes this an artistic project? The Copenhagen Contemporary Art Centre (CCAC) invited The Laboratory for Insurrectionary Imagination to contribute a project for the city wide exhibition RE:THINK:contempory art and climate change, this was meant to be their contribution. The group was subsequently dropped by the CCAC when they realized that the piece was more about public disobedience than it was about object creation. They were later supported by The Candy Factory, a “non-profit, non-kommercial space, with focus on cultural, social and political activities.” (source) 

Notes: For more information, visit: http://www.labofii.net/experiments/funbetweenyourlegs/

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