Pollinating Ideas, by Jechiam Gural, Elwin Nuyts, and Ami Ikan

Artists: Jechiam Gural, Elwin Nuyts, and Ami Ikan

Title:  Pollinating Ideas: Human Energy Becomes Public Light 

Year created: 2010-2011

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Materials: Human energy, light stick/baton, public art piece in the shape of a tree, solar panals

What is the piece’s impact? Allowed people who were using the park to exercise (running, walking), to transform this energy into lighting for the park as the sun set. Runners carry a baton that converts movement into electricity, and once this stick is transferred into a tree-shaped installation and is shown as public light. Any additional energy needed to power the light is supplied by solar panels. 

How does this project relate to this change as art? The piece plays with the relationship between healthy movement and useful energy, making it fun to both exercise and to contribute some energy to the local park. organization is opn to sharing learning so that it can be replicated in other areas

What makes this an artistic project? This might be interpreted as a design project, given it’s practical application, however, it has been described as a community arts project. Some of the funding was from “Amsterdam for the arts.”

Notes: This is the pilot project for the World City Trees Project. See video below:

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