Playback Theatre

Example of playback theatre.

Concept:  Playback Theatre

Year created: 1975-ongoing

Location: Global – it is practiced in over 50 countries (source).

Materials: interactive, improvisational theatre,

What is the piece’s impact? Audience members share moments from their lives with the audience, and then watch it played back to them and the audience, in order for all to to gain perspective on the events of their lives. Playback theatre has been used in 50 countries and in the fields of “transitional justice, human rights, refugees and immigrants, disaster recovery, climate change, birthdays and weddings, and conferences.” (source)

How does this project relate to this change as art? “Playback theatre, based on the stories of audience members enacted on the spot, promotes the right for any voice to be heard, brings group concerns to the surface, and stimulates a dialogue by making different perspectives visible. The method is extremely flexible, since there is no set play, and can adapt to the needs of many kinds of groups and organizations.” (source

What makes this an artistic project? It’s theatre.

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