Owl Viewer, by Owlized


The OWL viewer shows a bike path in Marin County now (left) and with three feet of sea level rise (right). (Credit: Here. Now. Us.)

Designer: Owlized

Title: Owl Viewer

Year created: 2014

Location:Marin County, USA



(Marin County Photo)

What is the piece’s impact? The piece helps participants visualize the impact of climate change  and rising sea waters on the community. “County officials hope the OWLs convey the impact of the rising water and encourage people to become engaged in the rising sea level scenario even though the changes will be gradual.” (source)

How does this project relate to this change as art? The piece allows people to both view possible futures while providing reactions to what they are seeing.  “OWL is a location-aware virtual reality kiosk and public input tool, providing in situ views of the future and history of places and recording user survey responses and audio comments.” (source)

What makes this an artistic project? It is likely better considered as a design object, as the intentions was “for city planning departments, property developers, corporate marketers, historic sites, and parks.”


You can hear more about the project on the podcast ScienceFriday

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