myforestfarm and mycarboncredits, by Dirk Fleischmann


Artist: Conceptualized by Dirk Fleischmann. Developed in collaboration with Thomas Daquioag, Renato Habulan and Rodolfo Ferrer

Title:  myforestfarm and mycarboncredits

Year created: 2008 – ongoing

Location: Antipolo City, (Rizal Province, Philippines)

Materials: Trees, digital photography

What is the piece’s impact? Ultimately, this project is a reforestation enterprise and a carbon dioxide offset program. The artist maintains and photographs myforestfarm, which includes 1838 trees. This project is documented extensively on the project website

How does this project relate to this change as art? The project looks to challenge the CO2 emission market, which puts reforestation at a disadvantage when compared to industrial carbon offsets, “myforestfarm is challenging this imbalance with artistic means. The visual validation of myforestfarm is combined with ontological thought. The result is a series of photos “mycarboncredits”, which substitutes carbon credits as a commodity.” (source) Mycarboncredits are available for purchase at the project e-store.

What makes this an artistic project? Conceptualized by an artist, the sale of digital artwork is a key component of the project.

Note: this project was partially funded by the profits from another project by Fleishmann called “mysolarpowerplant,” a system of 36 solar panels installed on the roof of the Staedelschule art academy in Frankfurt. It produces app. 1200 kWh per year, which is sold to the local electricity provider in accordance with the “Erneuerbare Energien Gesetz” in order to be offered to the consumers as regenerative energy.

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