Mass Arrival, by Farrah Miranda, Graciela Flores and colleagues.

Artists: Farrah Miranda, Graciela Flores, Tings Chak, Vino Shanmuganathan, and Nadia Saad

Title:Mass Arrival  

Year created: 2013

Location: Toronto

Materials: Mixed media, included a public intervention and gallery installation.

What is the piece’s impact? The public intervention was out in the street and involved placing a number of people who identify as white in a large mock boat.  The process was meant to ask “questions about the supposed ‘naturalness’ of whiteness and colonialism as the backdrop to which others arrive, the intervention consists of a simple image: that of an open-air ship, filled with white Canadian-subjects docked in a public space.” (source)

How does this project relate to this change as art? The public intervention momentarily disrupted the lives of those in this area of Toronto, as they were being asked to consider the root of their privilege. The intervention was followed up by a discussion and exhibition in Whippersnapper’s gallery space the following month.

What makes this an artistic project? The piece was created by a group of artists and was supported by the South Asian Visual Arts Collective, the Ontario Arts Council and the voters at FEAST Toronto.

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