Intersection Repair, City Repair

Example of Intersection Repair Project.

Example of Intersection Repair Project.

Organization: City Repair

Title: Intersection Repair

Year created: group founded in 1996

Location: Portland, OR

Materials: Various, e.g. paint and sculpture.

What is the piece’s impact? The project has led to the transformation of intersections into more vibrant public spaces. The interventions also have a street calming effect, leading cars to slow down in these neighbourhoods.“Streets are usually the only public space we have in our neighborhoods. But most all of them have been designed with a single purpose in mind: moving cars around.With an Intersection Repair, that public space is reclaimed for the whole community. The intersection of pathways becomes a place for people to come together. The space becomes a Place – a public square.”  (source)

How does this project relate to this change as art? City Repair makes use of installations and painting to transform intersections into special unique places where community members feel safe, and at home.

Example of Intersection Repair.

Example of Intersection Repair.

What makes this an artistic project? Designing and painting a “mural” for the intersection is often at the heart of the repair projects. “One neighborhood may paint a giant mural on the intersection and stop there. Another may go through many phases: painting the street, installing a community bulletin board, building a mini-cafe on a corner, reconstructing the intersection with brick and cobblestones, opening businesses to make it a village center… and on and on!” (source)


  • You can order a book on place-making, “City Repair’s Placemaking Guidebook” here.


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