Guarana Power, by Superflex

Artist Group: Superflex

Title: Guarana Power

Year created: 2003

Location: Maués in the Brasilian Amazon

Materials: Guarana, counter branding

What is the piece’s impact? The Artist group worked in collaboration with a Guarana growers cooperative from Maués in the Brasilian Amazon, in order to produce a soft drink called “Guaraná Power”. The farmers have organised themselves in response to the activities of two [unnamed] multinational corporations, who had formed a cartel whose monopoly on purchase of the raw material has driven the price paid for guaraná seeds down by 80% while the cost of their products to the consumer has risen.

How does this project relate to this change as art? Using funding available to artists, the project looks to address the power that corporations can have over workers and farmers. It also considers how they might organize in order to have some control in this situation.

What makes this an artistic project? It was initiated by an artistic group and funding came from their art world contacts.

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