Food for Free, by Irational

Bristol Food for Free Map

Artist: Irational (Heath Bunting and Kayle Brandon)

Title:  Bristol Food for Free

Year created: 2004 – 2013

Location: Bristol, UK

Materials: Mapping, vacant lots, edible foods

What is the piece’s impact? 

This is a visual mapping of edible plant organisms that are available in public places across Bristol, in the UK. These maps also include plants that are rooted in private lots, but that spill into public spaces, as are sites that have the potential to be planted with more food. “The aim to increase the life spectrum of the city” (source)

How does this project relate to this change as art? 

This lead to the creation of new tools for understanding the landmarks of a particular city. The artists propose that by mapping these foodstuff they have the ability to raise awareness of them and grow a desire to support and further grow wild foods in the city, for public consumption.

What makes this an artistic project?

This project was initiated and managed by established contemporary artists.

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