Edible Garden, by Nils Norman

Eetbaar Park, zomer 2011

Artist: Nils Norman

Title: Edible Park 

Year created: Started in 2009, opened 2010.

Location:  City farm Herweijerhoeve in Zuiderpark, The Hague, Holland

Materials: Plants, permaculture, small building.

What is the piece’s impact? Led to the creation of two food gardens and a space where people could gather, which was based on permaculture principles. Brings people back into contact with the production of food, as well as remediated> abandoned city lots. It is run by volunteers who want to learn about permaculture. Around the pavilion there are installations that demonstrate sustainable artifacts such as a compost toilet, a worm bin and a willow vessel for natural water purification.

How does this project relate to this change as art? This piece takes place on two sites where the artist a special vegetable garden based on permaculture and is considered an artwork “that grows and prospers and produces delicious vegetables and fruit” (source).

“With Edible Park Nils Norman wants to explore what gardening could mean for a city like The Hague. Imagine the cabbage lettuce growing on the Schenkstrip in the shelter of the pea which creeps upwards along the corn. What are the advantages if we cultivate public gardens and green areas according to the method of permaculture? Will this offer an interesting and sustainable alternative for the current way of treating green spaces? What will the surplus value be for the residents in the neighbourhood?” (source)

What makes this an artistic project? The concept was developed and managed by an artist.

Notes: For an English article on the project, please see: http://www.stroom.nl/paginas/pagina.php?pa_id=8063523\

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