Edible Estates, Fritz Haeg et al.

Edible Estates

Artist: Fritz Haeg, and many collaborators

Title: Edible Estates

Year created: 2005 – ongoing

Location: Started in the US – now in many countries including Demanrk, Isreal, Hungary, Turkey, and Italy.

Materials: Front lawns, gardens

What is the piece’s impact? Residential front lawns are replaced with edible landscapes. These projects are documented in photos, videos, stories, printed materials, and exhibitions. There are currently 15 prototype gardens around the world – they are chosen for their visibility and generalizability. A book on how to do this yourself was also created (link below).

How does this project relate to this change as art?  The projects are meant to serve as models of what is possible in terms of the use and usefulness of lawns, which are not typically thought to be productive or bio diverse. Each project fndamentally changes the nature of the lawn that was once in the same space.

Edible Estates“With the modest gesture of reconsidering the use of our small plots of land, the Edible Estates project invites us to reconsider our relationships with our neighbors, the sources of our food, and our connections to the natural environment immediately outside our front doors.”

What makes this an artistic project? Documentation and exhibition are an integral part of the process of Edible Estates. Moreover, most of these gardens are commissioned by local art institutions and developed in partnership with horticultural, agricultural, or community gardening organizations.

Notes: For more information please visit: http://www.fritzhaeg.com/garden/initiatives/edibleestates/main.html or you can read the book “Edible Estates: Attack on the Front Lawn” http://www.fritzhaeg.com/edible-estates-book.html

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