CO2 LED, by Robert Gay, Jack Sanders & Butch Anthony


Design & Construction: Robert Gay, Jack Sanders & Butch Anthony

Title: CO2 LED

Year created: 2007

Location: Arlington, VA

Materials: 700 solar-powered LEDs atop rods of varying heights, each topped with a used plastic water bottle.

What is the piece’s impact? This was a temporary installation, which transformed “a banal traffic island,”  during a local summer festival, into something akin to a glowing cloud of light. The project demonstrated that a single solar panel can light up a street corner, and provided compelling evidence of the viability of alternative energy sources and recycled and recyclable materials.

How does this project relate to “change as art”? “This temporary’ project promotes ‘sustainability,’ hails the availability of alternative energy sources and technologies and demonstrates the ease of recycling,” says Jack Sanders. “We will reuse all the materials used in the project–everything.” (source)

What makes this an artistic project?  The project was conceived and built by a team of artists and designers. It was also recognized as one of 2007’s Best Public Art Projects by Americans for the Arts.


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