Art projects related to issues of land remediation

Tree Mountain, by Agnes Denes


Artist: Agnes Denes Title: Tree Mountain – A living Timecapsule – 11,000 trees, 11,000 people, 400 years  Year created: announced in 1992, opened 1996 Location: Ylöjärvi, Finland Materials: trees, man made mountain near gravels pits What is the piece’s impact? This project led to the…

Not a Cornfield, by Lauren Bon


Artist: Lauren Bon Title:  Not a Cornfield Year created: 2005-2006 Location: Los Angeles, USA Materials: A corn field, website, and the cycle of plantation and harvest. What is the piece’s impact? The project transformed a 32-acre industrial brownfield site into a cornfield for one…

Edible Garden, by Nils Norman

Edible Garden

Artist: Nils Norman Title: Edible Park  Year created: Started in 2009, opened 2010. Location:  City farm Herweijerhoeve in Zuiderpark, The Hague, Holland Materials: Plants, permaculture, small building. What is the piece’s impact? Led to the creation of two food gardens and a space…

Rhinewater Purification Plant, by Hans Haacke


Artist: Hans Haacke Title: Rhinewater Purification Plant Year created: 1972 Location: Museum Haus Lange in Krefeld, Germany Materials: Contaminated water, purification system, goldfish. What is the piece’s impact? Within the museum, the piece purified water that would have otherwise be sent into the…

Spoil’s Pile, by Helen Mayer and Newton Harrison


 Artist: Helen Mayer and Newton Harrison Title:  Spoil’s Pile  Year created: 1977-1979 Location: Art Park, New York Materials: diverted construction waste, seeds What is the piece’s impact? it led to the creation of a 3000 pile earthwork, which gradually became a 20 acre flowering meadow.  How…