Landscape Architecture

Edible Estates, Fritz Haeg et al.

Edible Estates

Artist: Fritz Haeg, and many collaborators Title: Edible Estates Year created: 2005 – ongoing Location: Started in the US – now in many countries including Demanrk, Isreal, Hungary, Turkey, and Italy. Materials: Front lawns, gardens What is the piece’s impact? Residential front lawns…

Rock Garden of Chandigarh, by Nek Chand


Artist: Nek Chand Title: Rock Garden of Chandigarh Year created: 1957 – 1976 Location: Chandigarh, India Materials: local industrial and residential waste. What is the piece’s impact? As a result of the artistic intervention on this site, in 1976 the park was inaugurated as a public…

Mandela Artscape, by Susan Leibovitz Steinman


Artist: Susan Leibovitz Steinman Title: Mandela Artscape   Year created: 1998-1999 Location: West Oakland, USA Materials: Used freeway materials and (mostly) native California. plants. What is the piece’s impact? The project was rooted in a quest to create local jobs, develop new skills and training. It resulted in…