Be Moved by Art: The JMSB North Stairwell Gallery


Organization: David O’Brien Centre for Sustainable Enterprise  Title: Be Moved by Art (North Stairwell) Year: 2014 Materials: Stairwell, photo-based art. What is the piece’s impact? The piece transforms the stairwell of a large Canadian business school into an ambulatory sustainability-focused art…

E Pluribus Unum, by Chris Jordan


Artist: Chris Jordan Title: E Pluribus Unum Year created: 2010 Location: Seattle,  USA Materials: large scale print, massive database of organizations working in social justice and environmental issues. What is the piece’s impact? The title of the piece roughly translates to read “Out of…

Running the Numbers, by Chris Jordan


Artist: Chris Jordan Title: Running the Numbers Year created: 2006 – ongoing Location: Seattle, USA Materials: large scale prints, prints assembled from thousands of smaller images. What is the piece’s impact? The artist has rendered the statistics associated with consumption more “real,” by…