Call for Proposals: Sustainability themed murals in the South Stairwell Gallery in the MB building.

One of the walls available to paint. Download the whole CFP for more images.

Want to leave your mark on Concorida University’s MB Building? Here is your chance!

It’s common knowledge that taking the stairs as opposed to standing passively in a crowded elevator has many benefits. Not only is it generally faster, but you also burn calories and feel more positive, awake, and productive.

Nevertheless, the reality is that the stairwells of many Concordia buildings are sadly underutilized. Sometimes they are not the prettiest or most accessible places. However, in the MB building, the architects made took special considerations to make taking the stairs a nice experience: the stairs are wide and inviting, with floor to ceiling windows that offer abundant natural light and interesting views onto the city. With the help of some inspirational art interventions, we would like to encourage more people to try the stairs, enjoy them, and leave the elevators for those who really need a lift.   

Recently, we transformed the north Stairwell into an art gallery, currently featuring the photographic art of Lori Nix. We have started a similar project in the south stairwell, with the execution of a mural on the 6th floor, “Speak the Future”, by artist Bronwen Moen (Concordia MFA 2013) (please see the video below to learn about Bronwen’s piece). We would like to build on that work and are currently accepting submissions for the creation of 2D work on several of the floors in the south stairwell. Please click here for a complete list of the floors available for this project. 

The theme of the murals will be related to the topic of “sustainability” and/or “sustainable development.” Artists will have creative freedom to express this theme in images, but all LEED limitations must be maintained (only no/low VOC paints). Given that the work is in a fire escape, no flammable materials may be used, nor can the project lead to any long-term obstructions into the space. 

Throughout history artists have created works that respond to shifts in culture, whether social, political, aesthetic, or technological. For example, the industrial revolution, now centuries ago, inspired artists to drastically rethink their creative process and influenced the subject matter within their works. Today, as we are faced with a new reality resulting from that period, artists continue to create works that challenge, or reflect ideas of a complex society. The stairwell project invites artists to submit proposals that present new ideas around the theme of sustainability. It seeks not to reduce the concerns related to sustainability (not state the obvious), but rather it hopes to inspire critical thought and artistic innovation.  

There is a $1000 stipend allocated to covering materials and time for the artist(s) selected to participate in the project. Each floor is considered an independent project, thus applicants should specify which floor their proposal is associated with. Please don’t feel limited to one flat wall… consider the use of peripheral spaces as well – corners, floors, ceilings, the walls above the actual stairs. 

There is one more selection period for 2015 (October 1, 2015)! All proposals should clearly indicate which floor you are intending to paint, and a planned treatment of all surfaces to be painted on that floor. Also include a statement on the proposed piece in terms of why you think it fits with the theme of the overall project. Reference to past relevant mural/art projects can also be helpful. Please send proposals to t.jhunjhunwala @

If you have any questions, please contact Tej

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