Busycle, by Heather Clark and Matthew Mazzotta (+ >50 volunteers)


The Buscycle
source: http://www.busycle.com

Artists: Heather Clark and Matthew Mazzotta (and many others!)

Title: Busycle

Year created: 2005

Location: started in Roxbury, Mass, USA

Materials: 15-person bus powered by the riders, made of almost 100% recycled materials.

What is the piece’s impact? The project lead to the development of a 15-person, human powered bus, which traveled around the USA.

How does this project relate to this change as art? “The Busycle does not presume to be an answer to major ecological or socioeconomic questions, nor does it attempt to be a practical technology. What it does do is serve as the antithesis to the destructive precedents of the past and present. It is everything that top down is not. The Busycle is individuals using their own will and physical strength to come together as a group and go from point A to point B. Starting and ending points are ones they control.” (source)

What makes this an artistic project? The project was initiated by artists Heather Clark and Matthew Mazzotta, who were awarded a residency through the Berwick Research Institute’s Public Art Incubator Program.

Notes: The bus has gone across the country and its voyages are outlined here http://www.busycle.com/adventures.html, they also look to collect the stories of participants along the way, which you can view below.

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