Broadway 1000 steps, by Mary Miss / City as Living Laboratory


Artist: Mary Miss / City as Living Laboratory

Title: Broadway 1000 steps

Year created: 2011

Location: New York City, USA

Materials: Mirrors, posts, paint and information

What is the piece’s impact? It’s largely an awareness raising project, but it does leave a mark on the city, such that markers are set up to point to waste, air, life, water etc…

“generated out of a year-long collaboration with a prestigious scientific and community advisory board – is that nature is everywhere and in action at all times, that the city is an urban ecosystem, that an innumerable number of small decisions over time have shaped the environment to be the one we inhabit today.” (source)

How does this project relate to this change as art? Small scale installations collectively reveal to the public the vast network of systems vital to a sustainable city. They are designed to make sustainability tangible to citizens at street level and catalyze future projects by artists and environmental designers along the urban corridor of Broadway Avenue.

What makes this an artistic project? The project was conceived off and managed by an artist. It’s part of a project of the Sustainability Made Tangible Through the Arts initiative. You may be interested in a podcast on this topic, which is available here.

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1 comment for “Broadway 1000 steps, by Mary Miss / City as Living Laboratory

  1. Maria Darlington
    December 30, 2013 at 5:30 am

    Every city would benefit from a similar project. What a brilliant concept. It shows aspects of the city that can be lost in the bustle and dirt and concrete. Especially this would be helpful to children who may not see any connection with nature. This has to happen everywhere to teach the coming generations the importance of their connection with the elements and the necessity of caring for the planet to preserve it. Thank you Mary Miss.

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