Be Moved by Art 2: The JMSB South Stairwell Mural Gallery

Organization: David O’Brien Centre for Sustainable Enterprise 

Title: JMSB South Stairwell Mural Gallery

Year: 2014 – on going

Materials: Stairwell, low-VOC paint.

What is the piece’s impact? The piece transforms the stairwell of a large Canadian business school into an ambulatory sustainability-focused art gallery, with the intent of driving patrons of the building away from the elevators and towards the stairwell. “The idea is to get people using the stairs and to have them be inspired while doing so,” says David Lank, DOCSE program coordinator. (source)

In the south stairwell, DOCSE has curated a growing number of paintings by various artists, both local and from further afield. All the pieces relate to the theme of sustainability. Most present a positive vision of a more sustainable future.

How does this project relate to this change as art? “Narratives, stories, music and images served to warn our early ancestors against predators and natural disasters,” says DOCSE director Paul Shrivastava. “Art helped them develop defence mechanisms. My colleagues and I believe that art should be used to deal with modern survival threats such as climate change and environmental crises.” (source)

Gallery of current murals

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