Animal Estates, by Fritz Haeg and collaborators

The New York installation included small white nests for the Purple Martin.

Artist: Fritz Haeg and collaborators

Title: Animal Estates

Year created: 2008-ongoing

Locations: Rotterdam and  Utrecht, The Netherlands, London, England, Cleveland, Ohio, Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, California,Cambridge, Massachusetts, Austin, Texas, New York, New York.

Materials: various

What is the piece’s impact? In addition to events and exhibitions meant to raise awareness about the animals that we share our cities with, Animal Estates also creates dwellings for animals that have been displaced by human development, thereby proposing the reintroduction of animals back into seemingly human spaces.. “Animal Estates intends to provide a provocative 21st century model for the human-animal relationship that is more intimate, visible and thoughtful.” (source)

How does this project relate to this change as art? This piece uses art as a platform to address the issue of sharing space with other species. The pieces are designed with the help of a local specialist on the animal in question (called an animal client), and are meant “to attract and welcome a particular animal back into an environment that has been dominated by human.”

What makes this an artistic project? Documentation and exhibition are an integral part of the process of Animal Estates. Many of these pieces are commissioned by local art institutions and designed to be installed on museum grounds (such as the the Sculpture Court of the Whitney Museum).

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