Various Performances, by the Seeds Project

Artist: Seeds Theatre Group

Title: Various Performances

Year created: 1997-ongoing

Location: Lae District in the Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea

Materials: theatre

What is the group’s impact? They use the performing arts to communicate community issues to its viewers. Players are largely drawn from local unemployed youth and trained in the art of performance, but also in the issues being performed in order to raise awareness on “the causes and consequences of domestic violence, sexual harassment in the workplace and bullying in schools.” (source)

How does this project relate to this change as art? By drawing in performers from the local community, people are not only passively informed about issues related to violence against women (along with other social issues), but they learn a new skill in the process and participate in the creation of new norms around the treatment of women in their communities.

What makes this an artistic project? It’s theatre.

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