Park Spark Project, by Matthew Mazzotta and colleagues.

Park Spark Project, digesters, poop producers and lamp. Source:

Park Spark Project: digesters, poop producers and lamp.

Artist: Matthew Mazzotta with help from William Brinton, Guy Roberts, Arvo, Jegan Vincent de Paul, Paul Gaffuri, Christian Garaffa, and Eric Laucks.

Title: Park Spark Project

Year created: 2010

Location: Cambridge Mass, USA

Materials: Methane digester, dog poop, lamp

What is the piece’s impact? The piece is an intervention in a dog park, which takes the waste of the parks users and converts it into light.

How does this project relate to this change as art? The piece makes visible to potential use of a common waste material that is readily available in a place where many people gather. The piece”questions our current waste system, and at the same time creates an opportunity for others to participate in the (re)imaging of the byproduct energy.” It has inspired many other similar projects around the globe (e.g.

What makes this an artistic project? While the piece is rather functional and could have “easily” been a municipal waste reduction project, it wasn’t. It was initiated by the artist and his peers and was funded by the Council for the Arts at MIT, in partnership with the Cambridge Arts Council. It took this being a art project for this intervention to happen.

Notes: This piece followed from the research undertaken with the steeped in exploration project

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