15 Below jacket, Lida Baday and TAXI

15 below jacket

15 below jacket
Source: http://15belowproject.org/

Designers: Lida Baday and TAXI

Title:  15 Below Project

Year created: 2007

Location: Canada


What is the piece’s impact? This project led to the creation of a jacket to be distributed tot he homeless. The jacket waterproof and breathable and comes with many pockets that the wearer can stuff with used newsprint to insultate against colder temperatures commonly experienced in Canadian winters.

How does this project relate to this change as art? This is more of a design project, however, given the non-commercial nature of the end product, we decided to include it here. Asks designers to think in frank an practical terms as it relates to the plight of the homeless. This does not attempt to address the root causes of homelessness, but looks for an affordable solution for warmth that makes use of waste materials. “It’s a lifeline for people without homes. They’re a pretty low-cost, immediate way to address a huge issue,” (source)

Notes: the jacket was tested in a walk-in freezer, and this was documented on film, which you can watch here.

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